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For the next 3 years, everyone can contribute in their own way by participating in the “Level Up” fundraising campaign. From funding a simple chair to funding a lecture hall! Leave your mark on future generations!

Very clearly, the public authorities and the University of Liège already strongly support the project, with a total of 12 million euros. But we want to go further to offer excellence to our students.

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Here are several options for making a donation:

For a donation of €40 or more, you will receive a tax certificate qualifying you for a tax deduction for the donated amount to the HEC Fund.

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For a donation of 150€, 225€, 400€ or more, in addition to receiving a tax certificate, HEC Liège will thank you for your support by offering you visibility within the campus, either on a chair, a double chair or on our wall of fame.

To support the project



Double chair


Wall of fame

Bronze: from 250€ to 499€
Silver: from 500€ to 999€
Gold: from 1000€

Would you like to donate an amount of your own choice?

It’s possible!

Do you want to donate more than 5000€?

Contact us directly!

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For a donation of 40 EUR or more, you will receive a tax certificate allowing you to obtain a tax deduction for the donation.

For donations above 5,000 €, please contact us.

For individuals, this deduction is 45% of the amount of your donation. However, this amount may not exceed 10% of your total net income with a maximum of €392,200.

Please note that if you have already participated in this campaign by making a purchase with invoicing, it is not possible to make a donation and add it to the same basket. You must first finalize your purchase and make a donation in a second step. Indeed, the procedure is not the same: for example, when you make a purchase, you will receive an invoice, while after your donation, you will receive a tax certificate.

To make a tailor-made donation (above 5,000€)

For any further information or for a tailor-made project, you can send an email to: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To bequeath part of your capital to the LEVEL UP project


Apart from the part reserved for direct heirs, everyone is free to share their assets as they see fit.
Unlike a donation, a bequest will only take effect upon your death, provided that you have entered it in your will.


Vous souhaitez léguer une partie de votre patrimoine au Fonds HEC Liège, tout en laissant une part importante à vos héritiers ou légataires ?
Nos équipes se tiennent à votre disposition pour tout renseignement concernant ces formules et leurs modalités.